Titanium dioxide price restorative rise.
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On July 3, Panzhihua Zhengyuan Technology Co., LTD announced that since July 6, the price of anatase titanium dioxide increased by 500 yuan (ton price, the same as below). Earlier on June 28, Panzhihua Tihai Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the domestic trade price of rutile titanium dioxide will be increased by 500 yuan and the foreign trade price by 80 dollars from now on. THA2000, DINstar TITANIUM dioxide ANatase TITANIUM dioxide PDA1000 domestic trade price increased by 500 yuan, foreign trade price increased by 80 DOLLARS...

In fact, the recent titanium dioxide production enterprises or dealers, according to their own inventory adjustment has been very common, titanium dioxide market as a whole has basically stopped. At present, the majority of sulfuric acid rutile type and anatase type titanium dioxide mainstream quotation is 12,000 to 13,800 yuan and 10,000 to 11,000 yuan respectively; The mainstream price of domestic and imported rutile titanium dioxide by chloride process is 17,000 to 18,500 yuan and 25,500 to 28,000 yuan respectively.

Domestic and external price rise

At the beginning of June, the quotation of titanium dioxide was raised successively by foreign enterprises. On June 8, ISK announced a $200 increase in the price of titanium dioxide in the Asia-Pacific region effective July 1. Since then, Teno has issued a price increase letter saying that the price of titanium dioxide increased by $75 from July 1 due to pressure from the pricing of raw materials. Since the middle and late June, some domestic distributors and end customers have been stocking the bottom and stocking the goods. The strong "warehouse shifting effect" has reduced the spot inventory of manufacturers, and the production enterprises in southwest and Central China have almost run out of goods.

By this impetus, begin from the end of June, titanium dioxide more than domestic enterprises have to send confirmation letter, successively have panzhihua titanium sea science and technology, panzhihua titanium chemical detian chemical, yunnan, guangxi big exchange titanium industry co., LTD., guangxi jinmao titanium industry co., LTD., panzhihua is the source of science and technology co., LTD., hunan, a big moon chemical co., LTD., guangxi wind titanium industry co., LTD., China nonferrous group (guangxi) guangxi UFO co., LTD., in yumen district static announced the titanium pigment manufacturing co., LTD. Companies such as pricing, domestic titanium dioxide prices rise 500 yuan, the price raised $80.

Market deposit rebound requirements

Yang Xun, an analyst of the titanium industry, said that the rally was the first in nearly 3 months, and that the titanium dioxide market could be described as the opposite of the best.

It is understood that due to the impact of the epidemic abroad, the upstream and downstream import and export of titanium dioxide industry chain have slowed down simultaneously, especially the terminal export. Accordingly, from the beginning of late March, titanium dioxide market into the cycle of price reduction, to the end of June, sulfuric acid rutile type and anatase type titanium dioxide vertical price reduction of 3000 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively, a decline of 19.87% and 17.39%. Taking sulphuric acid rutile titanium dioxide as an example, the price is reduced by 3000 yuan in just 3 months, and the average price is reduced by 1000 yuan per month. Such a reduction and reduction rate are rare over the years.

The second quarter of the market set a "gray", the third quarter of the market or "red" bullish start. Yang xun said that the price level of titanium dioxide in June has been the lowest in recent years. On the one hand, the producers without raw material resources are deadlocked in the cost line, and even have an upside down loss. Therefore, the production enterprises have no intention to lower the price and have to choose to stop the car. On the other hand, due to the low price and low production enthusiasm of enterprises, some of them have limited production and limited supply operations. While ensuring stable supply of existing customers, starvation sales are adopted to promote the market. In addition, titanium concentrate, the main raw material, has recently been deadlocked and stabilized, from the point of view of enquiries, miners have no interest in low prices. Therefore, no matter from the point of view of cost or supply and demand, titanium dioxide market have rebound requirements.

Short - term rally is obvious

China coating industry Association titanium dioxide industry branch deputy secretary-general Fu Yijiang believes that this wave of titanium dioxide market is restorative growth. In the short term, due to the majority of traders in the early stage of bottom stock, production and factory enterprise inventory pressure is not big, "warehouse shift" adjusted the "supply and demand" situation of the market, the real order price of commodity holding companies will still be firm, the bullish trend in the future is obvious.

"From the current comprehensive information, in July titanium dioxide market is likely to continue to rise. Up to now, the terminal market has been prepared for the operation, and some are preparing for the goods, but most need to arrange orders and other goods, supply shortage or accelerate the price of titanium dioxide. The comprehensive trend of the domestic price market is still to the southwest leading enterprises as an important reference, early July or into the key time point of price trend. In the short term, the seller of real single price firm, bullish market has been a real hammer, the actual transaction price is a single discussion. Yang Xun analysis said.

At the same time, Yang Xun pointed out that although the current titanium dioxide market has basically realized the rise, but there are still three negative factors need to pay attention to. One is to the slack season, domestic trade demand is still not optimistic. From the point of view of the supply and demand relationship, there is no strong pull power, for the aftermarket to continue to support more. Some manufacturers and dealers of the obvious effect of moving, or advance the peak season, overdraft "gold nine silver ten" demand. Second, the epidemic situation abroad is still severe. At present, the export market has returned to about 60% of the normal level. However, the overall export volume of upstream and downstream has reached the bottleneck, and the recovery is still slow. Third, India's blockade against the epidemic and china-India border issues may have a negative impact on China's export of titanium dioxide and import of titanium ores.

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