2018 Pakistan Asia printing and dyeing chemical exhibition
Release Date: 2018-01-03   |   Concen: 259



  Exhibition time: March27-29,2018

  Add:                    Karachi expo centre

  Cycle:                    Once a year

  Organiser:             Pakistan textile industry ministry, Pakistan ECG e-commerce portal company, Pakistan zakur yellow pages company


         Exhibition introduction:


At the 2017 exhibition, 65,000 people visited. From Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, the Czech republic, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, 39 countries and regions such as Iran, the commonwealth of 700 companies, more than 500 well-known international brands on display at the meeting. Exhibitors through negotiation and turnover reached $30 million, almost all the exhibitors said got good returns in this exhibition, the exhibition during 49% of the exhibitors booth reservation for 2018.


Scope of exhibits:

          Chemicals and dyes: chemical raw materials, textile and leather raw materials, auxiliary materials (manufacturing textile and leather chemicals, pretreatment, coloring and edge processing, fibre chemical additives, coatings, printing, denim chemicals, textile dyes, leather chemical additives, etc.


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